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My Desktop Screenlet Programs

This page contains a few of the desktop Screenlets which I have created. Most names are prefixed with the letter "a" which just corresponds to the first letter of my first name, in case you were wondering.

Screenlets are small desktop applications written in Python for GNU/Linux environments. More info about Screenlets can be found at (Ext) . My Screenlets may depend on some of my own Python libraries, which can be found here. :)

The software listed for download on this page is under the GNU General Public License published by the Free Software Foundation. The license can be downloaded here.

Name Latest Version Size Depends Description
aSensors 2.6.2 200 kB espeak (optional) A system monitor Screenlet based on Sysmonitor, but better. Go here to get the latest version!
EasyButton 1.3 192 kB mplayer Now you can have the Staples(R) Easy Button on your desktop! :)
Skeleton 0.1 18 kB None A skeleton to begin a new Screenlet project with.

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